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Burk-Hammond Law, LLC

Civil Litigation


Resolve Civil Disputes

  • Civil litigation involves a dispute between two or more parties that is not criminal in nature. 
  • The civil litigation process begins with communication. Many issues can be resolved without having to go to court. 
  • At Burk-Hammond Law, LLC, you choose how your issue will be handled.
  • At Burk-Hammond Law, LLC, your legal rights will be zealously pursued and you will be contacted with every update on your case. 

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Small Business


Protect Your Small Business


  • Burk-Hammond Law, LLC knows business. Everything from executing an Operational Plan and filing Articles of Incorporation, to Contract and Transactions, your business will be organized to help protect your assets.
  • In today’s global economy, small business owners must engage with international employers. Working with international companies can be challenging and legal issues may arise. Burk-Hammond Law, LLC's international experience can help negotiate terms and build alliances with global partners.
  • Burk-Hammond Law, LLC will generate Arbitration Agreements to help protect you from being sued in foreign courts and extensive legal costs. Let the global experience of Burk-Hammond Law, LLC work for you.

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International Arbitration and Mediation


Resolve International Disputes


  • Arbitration and Mediation are innovative processes for dispute resolution and are alternatives to litigation. Litigation is a remedy sought through the court system and can be extremely costly.
  • Mediation involves discussions with an impartial third party to help settle a dispute. Arbitration brings the dispute to a third party neutral who will determine the resolution.
  • Arbitration is often required by a clause in a contract. 
  • Many arbitrations and mediations involve clients from different states or countries. Often the dispute involves a specialty business or service. Arbitrations and mediations are legally binding as contracts so it is important that your third party neutral understand the ramifications of the resolution. Burk-Hammond Law, LLC will research the business, related issues, and the effects, to fully understand the dispute. Burk-Hammond Law has the global experience and knowledge needed as an impartial third party to professionally arbitrate or mediate your dispute. 

Resolve International Disputes